Ankita Engineering a market leader in Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine. With these many years of experience, innovations and research work came with top notch quality of Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine a totally new Eco-friendly concept for building material which is made up of heavy steel with main cylinder specially designed by Karmyog Hi-Tech Machineries ensures high compressive strength and uniformity of the bricks. The machine is equipped with special steel harden moulds, modern PLC visualization control system along with safety measures and Power Pack manufactured by Ankita Engineering

Product Details

Machine CodeKMA 252
Installed Capacity & Power65hp, III phase
Bricks Per Stroke21 Bricks/Stroke
4 Stroke/Min
5040 Bricks/ Hour (40,320 Bricks/ Shift)
Brick Size230mm X 110mm X 75mm
(or as per your requirement)
Tonnage of Hydraulic Pressure252 ton with vibrator
Strength of Bricks100-150 KG/CC
depend on material mixing
Raw MaterialFlyash, Sand, Hydrated Lime & Gypsum or Flyash, Sand & Cement
Total Land for ProductionMinimum 4000 sq.m.